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The M3 BMW ///Motorsport Built

It's easy to regurgitate what's been said a million times, "The BMW E30 M3 is a race car for the street", but I don't think that's true. Its roots are firmly planted in Motorsport, sure. It's highly capable on the track, sure. Its production direction was without question dictated by winning races, but what ended up being built for the public was not a race car. It was much bigger than that... It was the creation of a platform that'd spark a following.

You see, while it was winning races the BMW M3 was also embarking down another road. A road now traveled unencumbered worldwide by an immense group of people. A group more diverse than the United Nations, more loyal to brands than Ohio is to college football, and yet they're able to converge and agree on one thing that dominates all others: The Automotive Experience. We call this group of people: Enthusiasts. So while winning races is one thing, winning the hearts of enthusiasts is even more momentous. At least to this enthusiast, and it's why I feel compelled to share my recent experience with an EAG sorted Hennarot E30 M3.

The E30 enthusiast experience begins immediately. In your hand is an actual key. It's made out of plastic and metal. It requires you to insert it, twist, know when to release off the iconic second/third crank, tap the brakes as a nod to the OBC all lights are functional, blip the throttle to clear lights from the cluster as a nod proper voltage output from the alternator is sufficient. The whole time you're immersed in sights, sounds, feels, and in total control. An appropriate introduction to be sure and you still haven't engaged first gear. Buckle up...

A buzz fills the cabin as the S14 yawns around town between 2-3k RPM. Medium throttle application is required to get things moving at a reasonable pace and it's not uncommon to wonder what all the fuss is about... I mean, the numbers don't suggest acceleration will be any more rapid than a new commuter, right? That's where you went wrong. Numbers sell magazines and magazines sell cars. There are no numbers for, "How'd that feel"? -- Take a right...

Blessed by the view of open roads with yellow suggested speed limit signs and big yellow ones where it looks like some stick figure guy just laid down a nice locked burnout is where things start to make sense. Redline is now indicated by the sounds and feel of the car. No time to glance down. First suggested 30 MPH turn is laughable at 50, make note. Propelled by a now awake and breathing S14 4.5k RPM shoots you into the next curve and the confidence starts to mounts. You can toss this into just about any situation and the vehicle figures it out WITH you. Like a best friend that always has your back and this bond only strengthens the more you drive. Something that you'll want to do over and over again...

There's a feeling that overcomes an enthusiast when they're around a special car. It may come from an exotic price tag. Possibly a rare vehicle. A capable vehicle. One entrenched in ownership provenance. Maybe it's because it's been preserved and the work to achieve this is recognized. There are many reasons why enthusiasts will feel a certain way around a special car. And this Henna E30 M3 is very, very special.


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